Buying a ticket in the train station

Before people could buy train tickets only in the special offices. The pros of this can say only one thing – the ticket you still get. As for disadvantages, you can refer to them loss of time and additional financial costs. Not the fact that a railway ticket office located near to your house. The trip can be rather long. In addition, you need to consider the huge queues and waiting out the technical interruptions in operation of the cash register. Besides, if you get to the cash register on the transport, you pay for the trip, and the tickets in the desired direction simply can not be.

Buying train ticket online

In the twenty-first century, modern technology can help with the selection and purchase of tickets for any mode of transport. The biggest advantage is saving time and effort. Make a purchase you can at home and at lunchtime in the workplace.

In the network there are many services that allow you to make the purchase. On these sites you can choose not only the date of departure and return, but to see what cars there are seats available, what are the spots and what they are number.

Fill out the necessary forms takes only a few minutes or a little more, if you the first time you try to make a purchase. If you are the proud owner of an electronic payment card, the payment also will not take much time.

After completing payment you will receive an electronic document that contains your personal information, as well as the number of the car and your place. This document should be printed out and presented to the cashier at the railway station. The tickets you get at the checkout at any convenient time for you. Remember that in the cashier station to pay for the tickets is not necessary – no fee, insurance, additional services and so on. If you need money, contact the head of the station. In addition, there is now an opportunity of making an electronic check that does not require a printed document. To use the online services for booking is possible from any device: PC, tablet or phone.

The disadvantages of buying a railway ticket is the fact that the mediator can take a Commission for their services. The amount usually is not too big and is an average of 5% of the value of the tickets.