Train is an affordable and convenient means of transportation. Passengers like to enjoy the view from the train window, it is considered the safest mode of transport. To tour, you must purchase a ticket at the ticket office of RZD, which is located in every railway station. At the ticket office passengers purchase a travel document in the desired direction to the desired station.

Buying a ticket in the Railways, are required to provide details of the document certifying the passenger's identity, such documents are a passport or driving licence, for a child ticket - a birth certificate. The cashier does not have to present the original, you will sheet of paper with a written number and series of the document. When boarding the train the documents, the data recorded in the ticket, you will need to submit to the conductor of the car.

To buy a ticket in advance is beneficial

To buy a ticket in a compartment car in cash, Railways offer a discount of 15% if the purchase is made for 45 to 31 days prior to the scheduled date of departure. Buying a ticket at the box office in less than 10 days, you will pay the price for 10% more. This solution reduces the load on the ticket office and allows you to provide all ticket buyers.

There are no tickets?

If the cashier Railways tickets is over, do not despair: it is possible to buy a refundable ticket, you need to wait a while. Often, people for some reason for a few hours or minutes before the departure of the return train tickets purchased in cash. It happens that for a day or an hour before departure to buy tickets that were previously reserved for the military, civil servants, but they were not popular.

Tickets for groups of passengers

It so happens that the trip is going group of people who need tickets in one carriage with adjacent places. If the group consists of no more than 9 people, the tickets can be purchased representative of the group, giving the cashier the documents of all individuals. it Should be noted that one person can buy more than 9 tickets, if they need more, the group will be considered organized and shall be submitted listing all the names of these passports for each. Application is made by the head of the group for 45 or up to 10 days before date of departure. A group of children subjected to the same conditions.