Find the coordinates of the organization where you bought the ticket. For example, if you purchased a ticket booking website or travel company, you will need to contact them, not the airline you want to fly.
To ask what the rules of exchange of tickets that exist in the organization where you bought them. This information can be attached to the file containing your electronic ticket. Also, it often is placed on the Internet website of the organization. This data will help you if necessary, to stand up for their rights and to speak convincingly with representatives of the company.
Please contact the retailer where you bought the tickets. This can be done by visiting the company in person or by phone. Be prepared to tell not only your name but also passport details to confirm their identity. Also keep the ticket. It has a unique number which will also need to inform the employee of the company.
Note that if you bought cheap tickets, most likely, you will not be able to return back the full amount. The most the company will keep you a certain percentage for the cancellation of the flight. If you decide to cancel your flight less than three days, prepare for the fact that the amount of the fine can be up to half the cost of the ticket.
Agreeing on the amount, find out how you can get the money back. You can make payment in cash or transfer to your Bank account. In the latter case, do not forget to transfer to your Bank details.