Based on what you require the documents when purchasing train tickets

Of course, the cashiers and conductors ask passengers to present identity documents do not on their own initiative. The basic regulatory act under which the railroad transports passengers, cargoes, Luggage and gruzobagazha for personal needs and other non-commercial purposes are Rules of rendering of services, as approved by RF Government resolution No. 111, dated 02 March 2005 In accordance with them, every passenger when purchasing tickets on long distance trains must indicate to the cashier data on the document proving his identity, or to bring the original or a copy of this document. Boarding the train is possible only in the case when you have on hand will be the original document, which you purchased your ticket.

What document certifies the identity when buying a train ticket

The main document that confirms the identity of the bearer and contains all the information necessary to uniquely identify it, is the passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation. Other documents issued on behalf of the Russian government, serving as a proof of identity and citizenship, can also be used as the identity.

A complete list of documents that can serve as a certificate and be used for ticketing on long-distance trains, the law is not. But in accordance with the regulatory acts and other documents regulating the procedure, to include, in addition to passports, birth certificate, passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation, a seaman's passport, military ID. You can also submit a temporary certificate, which is issued for the period during which you change or restore the passport.

For citizens in places of detention, as well as having the status of an accused or suspected identity document is the reference. If the ticket is purchased on a child under 14 years old, a document proving his identity, may be the birth certificate or his passport. Foreign citizens and CIS citizens are required to present foreign documents confirming their identity and citizenship.