In Internetyou can find many sites offering to buy the ticket on the train with them, but we'll go right to the source and consider the way of buying a ticket on the website of Russian Railways. To do this, open main page of the website of Russian Railways and go to "Buy ticket".
In the upper right corner of the page click on "Register" and fill in all required fields. Without registration to buy a ticket would be impossible.
After successful registration, a new page opens with the "Login" button. Click on it and enter your user name and password. You can also log in by clicking on the link "Login" in the upper right corner of the page.
In the left menu, select "Purchase ticket" and then select the destination, departure date and number of tickets. One order may include more than 4 tickets. Click the "Buy ticket".
On the basis of the information you enter will open a list of trains with indication of places available, their quantity, and know the cost of the ticket. Reviewing the list, select the desired train and click the "Continue"button.
On the new page select the type of car and click "Continue" and then enter the full name and passport data of passengers, then you will be given information about the cost of the order.
After order confirmation you will need to enter their card details for making cash transfer, in case of the successful implementation of cash you will be available to print order form on which you will be able to get a ticket.
Now, in the left menu, select the section "ticket sales Points", enter the departure station and verify whether there are points of issue of tickets issued via the Internet. The fact is that when buying a ticket via Internet you get the form on which you will be able to get a ticket at the departure station. If the departure station is not possible to obtain feature via the Internet , you can get it in advance at your nearest station, where is the point of issuing tickets.