Refunds for tickets purchased train has specific characteristics that must be considered when making the decision to abandon the trip. In particular, for a refund of the full cost of the travel document, including the cost of seat reservation, you can only rely in case of such request of not less than eight hours before train departure.

If the passenger followed 2-8 hours before departure of the composition, then it will return only the cost of the ticket and half the price of the seat reservation and the other half will be retained by the carrier. Finally, when trying to return a train ticket in less than two hours before departure, you can only rely on the fare, and the total price of the reserved place is kept by the carrier.

Procedure of return of tickets

Many of the passengers wishing to return the money for the purchased train tickets, just don't know exactly where to contact. At major railway stations for such purposes usually creates a special office, which is easily recognizable by name. If this cashier is missing, you can make this request to the regular ticket clerk, who is obliged to return alone or with the help of the administrator.

The passenger must present their own passport and travel document for receipt of funds. When applying for the refund after the train's departure will be required to provide proof of valid reason of cancellation, e.g. doctor's note).

How to get a refund for e-tickets?

Purchase electronic train tickets can be characterized by certain features that should be considered passengers. This ticket has no material carrier, a paper confirmation of purchase is printed out by the passenger independently or obtained directly from the train station.

Only after receiving this confirmation, you can receive a refund by giving the cashier this flyer. The rest of the procedure of refund of e-ticket is not different from the above-described return mechanism of a conventional travel document. It is important to note that when paying with an e-ticket by Bank card, funds will be returned to the same card, and the deadline for such return can be up to thirty days.