You will need
  • Own work, help from an ophthalmologist.
At the Moscow academic artsenny Lyceum of the Russian Academy of arts accepted students in the 5th grade. The Lyceum selects children who have shown special ability in the visual arts. To get to the high school, bring homework: drawing from life, painting or sculpture, composition. If the work is liked in the past: bring the application and a number of documents.
And here is a sample list of requirements, which shows to the students of the Moscow state academic Institute named after Surikov. To enroll in the Academy of fine arts, pass the exam. What subjects to take, depends on the faculty. If you go to the architecture – mathematics and Russian, graphics, painting and sculpture Russian and literature, and art – literature, and Russian history.
Creative (profile) tests. The most numerous Department of the Institute – painting. To applicants imposes the requirement to provide work in drawing, painting and composition. The figure is the head, Nude model, sketching from life; painting - still life still-life, landscape, portrait with hands; composition – work on any subject.
If you see yourself as an architect, you are required to work according to the same categories. Only figure – head should be plaster, in painting – work in watercolor, and in the song – the images of nature and architectural objects.
After passing all the tests students are assessed on a 100-point scale. Who scored the most points successfully enter the Institute. To be enrolled, write the application addressed to the rector and turn in the document on secondary education, the results of the exam. In the statement, specify the name, date and place of birth, place of residence, passport details, profession, on that claim, indicating the form and conditions of learning. Write about the presence of diplomas of the winner of the competition (if any), and of the need for accommodation in the hostel.