Humanities disciplines are handed over when entering the music school – Russian language, literature, and maybe history. Most schools accept applicants who passed the exam in these areas for a certain ball.
Additional, creative examinations. Chief among them – presentation of the programme of musical works of different forms (polyphony, Sonata, piece, sketch tool, an Aria from Opera, Lieder, folk song and Vocalise for voice on the instrument that you choose. The difficulty level depends on the initial requirements of a particular school and your own training. For students-conductors of the choir and orchestra and theorists, the program is executed on a piano.
The following exam – solfege. It consists of monophonic recording of dictation, the singing by one number, solfeggio and singing one of the numbers by heart. In some schools in exam p, FA includes additional tasks.
The final test is a Colloquium, or job interview. It the members of the selection Committee to check your knowledge in the field of theory and history of music, especially aspects associated with the biography of the composers, features and history of the form, musical analysis of works).