For admission to the theater, you must have a full secondary General or vocational education. Gather all the documents: passport, copy of military ID, a copy of a capital certificate, certificate of graduation or College. Make six photos 3x4. Documents filed in Kamergersky lane in Moscow.
Pass the exam on Russian literature, which is held during final exams at school. Certificate exam results bring along with other documents. If you have finished school until 2009, to have the results of the exam do not have – you can pass a normal exam. The same applies to applicants with specialized secondary education in the theatre area.
Go through three qualifying round, held from may 16 to June 28. Take with you only the passport. To sign up to participate is not necessary, just select any convenient day for you. Prepare your program – pick poems, fable, excerpts from the works. Rehearse your speech several times. Upon successful completion of all rounds you will admit to entrance examinations. Until the end of June submit the collected documents to the admissions office.
Find out the schedule of examinations for your specialty, prepare for it. So, the future actors need to read a literary work by heart, to perform any song (musicality verified by the applicant), dance or other exercise, to show plasticity. Practice your diction before the exam, do the exercises to develop the voice, as it will check the speech pathologist and doctor-phoniatrist. Writers will need to write a creative work. Usually the first exam takes place on 1 July.
Examination results announced in July. If you did, bring to the admission Committee the originals of all documents. If you are unable to pass the entrance exam, you have the chance to go to the Mat for a fee. In this case, you should contact the admissions office. Please note that scholarship students on a fee basis do not pay. Applicants with higher education, trained only for a fee.