Keep in mind that many famous actors are unable to enter the theater Institute at the first attempt. Nothing wrong with that - if the talent is there, it is sure to be noticed. However, to avoid failures and disappointment you need to better prepare for the tests.Entrance exams in drama school differ from similar tests in other schools in that they contain several stages: listening to 3-4 of the tour, essay and Colloquium. With each stage, the applicants that fail the test are eliminated.Listening is the first stage, during which teachers and master course will decide whether to allow you to further tests. Try to produce at the examination Committee a good impression. The second phase of testing are tours. Their is three or four, all theatrical universities give them different tasks. Here you will be required to read memorized poems, prose, fables, to show your vocal, dance and improvisatory ability.The performance of the route will largely depend on your training. Over-excitement can only prevent it, so try to be focused and calm. As the senior students on the admissions Committee: "no one has ever left a lifeless". The third stage of entrance examinations of high school theater is the writing. Now you can relax a little. The fact that you came to the composition, suggests that the fee you like. But remember, illiterate written work can negate all your progress, so writing need to prepare well.The Colloquium is the final stage of the entrance examinations. You will be a tete-a-tete chat with the Director of admissions, you will be asked various questions concerning the history of theatre, film, literature and art, with the aim to check how you are able to converse, to learn about your horizons. If you would be able to withstand all the trials, the decision about your enrollment in the theatre Institute will certainly be positive.