You will need
  • - musical instrument;
  • - a musical ear;
  • - a sense of rhythm.
To enroll in a music school can, as citizens of the Russian Federation and citizens of foreign States residing in the territory of our country. If you are a working adult, you have a paid Department. If you enroll your child, apply for budget study.
If the age of your child from six to nine years, be ready that the period of training will be seven or eight years. And children aged nine to twelve years can be trained, the period of which is equal to five or six years. If your child is about five years, write it down on a paid preparatory Department that he had already begun to develop their abilities for further training. But remember that each school has its own individual approach to the age criterion as well as to the training period.
For admission, write a statement, a sample of which you can take in the music school, to the Director. Together with this document, you must provide a copy of the birth certificate of the child. If the applicant is older than fourteen years, you will need to provide a passport.
Pass the audition, which is a prerequisite for admission to music schoolbecause the admission is on a competitive basis. You or your child, depending on who does may be asked to sing a familiar song; to sing, played a teacher of sound; memory proposed by the Professor tapped a rhythmic pattern; to determine at the hearing the number of sounds taken at the same time on the instrument.
For entering the specialty of solo singing is a requirement – they must beat least 16 years old to have already completed the age-related changes of the voice. If you fit this criteria and want to study in this direction, prepare to listen to the vocal piece. It can be with music or without.
If you go to guitar class, well trim the nails on his left hand. But would the presence of small nails on the right.
In the case of a positive decision of admission Committee about enrolling you or your child in a music school, sign a contract with the school.