For admission to a theological Seminary should prepare the following documents:
• a petition addressed to the rector (to be completed upon arrival in the office);
• the recommendation of the diocesan Bishop or parish priest, attested by the diocesan Bishop;
• two photos 3x4 format and six 6x8;
• a completed application form (to be completed upon arrival in the office);
• autobiography (to be completed upon arrival in the office);
• passport (passport must be marked with a registration at the place of residence and citizenship);
• military ID or military service registration certificate (must be a mark about statement on the military account);
• the insurance policy of obligatory medical insurance, issued at the place of permanent residence (for citizens of the Russian Federation) or an international insurance policy (for citizens of near and far abroad, including Belarus');
• birth certificate;
• document on education (spiritual and secular);
• certificate of family composition;
• a certificate of Baptism;
• certificate of registration of marriage and Wedding (married);
• medical certificate (form number 086);
• copy of the certificate on chirotesia as a reader (readers), a copy of the certificate of ordination to the priesthood (deacon) and a copy of the last decree of the ruling Bishop on appointment to a parish (clerics).
The procedure of admission in theological Seminary the same for all schools. The differences are found only in disciplines for which entrance exam. So, of course, you need to make sure about the rules of admission directly to the chosen institution:
• "Biblical history", "the doctrine of the Church" and "Orthodox worship" (comprehensive exam)
• "Church Slavonic";
• An essay or statement on the Church-historical themes.
• "Church music" (listening).
At the interview the applicant must demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the prayers:
• initial: "Glory to Thee our God, glory to Thee", "o heavenly King...", "Holy God...", "Holy Trinity...", "our father...", "o Come, let us worship...";
• the morning: "sleep vastav...", "God, cleanse me, a sinner...", Guardian angel;
• evening: "God Eternal," "Almighty, the Word of the father...", "Blahaha King Good Mother...", Guardian angel;
• The Mother of God: "hail Mary...", "it is truly meet...", "thee the champion leader...", "Mercy door...", "No imams inyya aid...";
• A symbol of faith. Prayer of St. Ephraim the Syrian. Prayer before Holy Communion "Lord, I Believe and I confess...". The ten commandments. The Commandments Of The Beatitudes. Hymns of the great feasts. The troparion of the Holy. Psalm 50-th and 90-th.