The profession of a choreographer has a number of features: people coming to a University, should have a good dance myself and be able to create and arrange dances in other groups observe and evaluate the performance of the dancers, to possess the creativity and originality of thinking, and besides, to be quite sociable - after all, in the process, have to constantly communicate with members of dance groups, and with other artists, producers, etc.
Although the rules of admission in various such may differ, they usually accept all persons, no age limit (or limit to 35 years of age - free form of education) who have completed special education in choreography, or have knowledge on this discipline, sufficient to pass entrance exams and admission to this institution of higher education. The Academy training is 5 years in full-time education and 6 years for distance learning.
Prepare and send necessary documents and the application for admission to the admissions office. Pass the mandatory qualifying consultation, during which the faculty consultants talk with each coming, then I can even give the recommendation to defer admission, or reject it - if there are valid grounds (for example - the complete unpreparedness of the applicant).
At the specified time pass the exams. Except General educational subjects, such as language and literature in high school and pass the relevant examinations in special subjects such as classical dance, stage dance. Also be sure to interview the Academy, where teachers ask questions to determine the General level of knowledge received, its musicality, plasticity, etc.
The number of students enrolled only those who passed all the exams and interview. Typically, when such institutions of higher education operate preparatory courses, which within a couple of months to prepare for the future exams, to get acquainted with the requirements of the teachers and the General rules and characteristics of the particular institution.