You will need
  • - certificate of graduation;
  • - document of primary or secondary music education;
  • - certificate of unified state exam or the GIA.
Find out whether you meet the requirements applicants for admission to the vocal profession. You must be at least eighteen years, as in an earlier age the voice is still not fully formed. In rare cases when the presence of the unique data may be allowed an exception for individuals under the age of seventeen. Also you should have a musical education corresponding to at least a full course of children's music school vocal class.
For admission to the Conservatory have higher requirements - need to have a training-level music school or secondary special music school. But for those who do not have enough training, but have exceptional talent in many schools provided training courses. They are designed for up to two years. It requires the examination of the doctor-phoniatrist to determine whether your voice to withstand the load provided by the training and subsequent professional activities.
Choose a school where you would like to get an education. This can be as a musical school and Conservatory. In the latter case, admission requirements are much higher.Also, determine what particular specialty you are interested in. In addition to General training in classical singing, you can obtain specialized education in the field of pop or folk singing. And there is special training for choristers.
Submit the documents to the chosen institution. Note that even if you live far from the school, you will need to attend the exams in person. The package of documents should be your certificate of graduation, documents on receiving a musical education, and in the presence of diplomas and other awards obtained in different competitions.
Pass the exams for admission. In addition to the specialty, you will need to demonstrate their knowledge in solfege and music literacy.