Acting Department prepares students in the specialty "performing arts" and specialization "Actor drama theater and cinema". The term of study is 4 years for full-time education. To enroll in the University and to realize his dream of becoming an actor is not easy, especially because many famous artists are unable to do the first time. In order to enroll to this school, it is necessary to work over itself with full force. Ongoing work on yourself is the Foundation of acting.
To enroll in the theater Department, you need to go two rounds. The first is the traditional exam, writing assignment or dictation. The second - a creative exam, where you will need to open up in all its glory his talent. For admission important both exams, but the final point when choosing will be creative exam where each applicant needs to show their abilities. Creative examination involves the preparation of a monologue, fable, musical number, singing and dancing. In addition to all of every applicant will be interviewed about knowledge of the art of the theatre, cinema, literature and music. It is important to know all the famous film Directors, actors of theatre and cinema, writers and composers.
One desires to do is not enough, you must understand that like you a lot and all I want to do. Usually for a budget place in a big contest, so your goal is to Express yourself and to assert yourself that you are worthy to study in VGIK. Rehearsal - the success of any intervention. The more rehearsals, so you are more confident in their abilities. To begin the rehearsal process better before admission, if possible, it is necessary to start doing for the year.
Exams are assessed on a 100-point scale. A positive score is 41 points. Entrance exams start from July 1 to 15. You need to have: application, certificate, exam, certificate, diploma, 6 photos, passport and copy from it. For part-time faculty are required to present: a certificate of employment and copy of employment record.
Applicants who have not passed on competition, the decision of the Commission may be offered training on a fee basis. If the applicant has a diploma of higher education, may teaching only on a commercial basis. If the applicant does not agree with the results of the entrance exams, he has the right to challenge the decision of the examination Committee and make an appeal.