Get ready for the profession of Director in advance. Write scripts that gather Amateur club, and put skits, performances, organize festivals. If you study in school, take responsibility for the various activities. Collect various materials for their works, they will come in handy when you receive. If you are really interested in this activity, feel free to act on the Director, if the preparation for the exams are a burden to you, think about whether you need this profession.
Learn to be a Director in theatre academies, institutes of culture or cinematography. For example, in Moscow there are several institutions offering training for this profession: cinematography, RATI (former GITIS), Moscow state Academy of Natalia Nesterova, GITR (Institute of television), and others. But the first two merit are the flagship of Directors ' training in our country, showing increased requirements to the applicants and conducting a very careful selection. Today it is possible to study not only in state universities but also commercial. To enroll in private schools on a fee basis, it may be easier than in the popular theatre Institute, but in any case very large, so you need to be creativity and your talent. Assess their skills and select the appropriate institution in which you actually will be able to do.
Like courses at the selected institution, for example, at the Institute of Cinematography at the directing Department there are courses of vocational guidance, which take place twice a year for three months. It will not give you benefits or the good-natured attitude of teachers on exams, but will allow you to log in.
Almost in all universities of the tests begin with a creative competition, which takes place in writing, and sometimes before the exams. For example, the film Institute should send the work with reflections on the theme of the movie that you want to remove, about the observations, with details and scenes from it, you can also tell us about yourself, attach drawings and photos. In the RATI need to send a description of his directorial plans, to explain the meaning of selected performances and to tell about its implementation. This contest evaluates an original approach and creativity. Don't write large works that teachers did not have long to read. Try to be honest and accurate, choose a topic that interests you. Write easier, not literally, and visibly, effective – what you can see. Can also send your stories or poems, but only if they are actually good.
The examinations and interviews be prepared for the fact that you can ask about anything: about literature, exhibition of paintings about the war in Chechnya. Be honest – if you've never been to the Tretyakov gallery, say so. Do not use common phrases and "hackneyed" expression. In some cases, examiners can put on some music and ask you to dance, you require to present yourself crazy, to tell a joke. Don't worry, if that's possible. Take a relaxed look. Do and say what comes to mind, it is not necessary to put the framework and think about whether this Commission.
Often the exams include written work on a specific topic – it could be a quote from the works of art, quatrain or non-literary topic. Restrictions and specific requirements do not exist – try to get written was interesting. Keep writing as much as possible conversations that avoid complex and intricate figures of speech.
There is another way to become a Director – to be trained in specialized programs and courses offered by training centers. For example, in Moscow there are Higher courses of scriptwriters and film Directors who produce decent specialists. The study is built on the principle creative workshop. The competition in them is not so much about the rules of admission are similar – need to pass a written work and an interview.