Please consult your doctor. This may be an employee of the clinic that you visit, or the doctor of the hospital where you were during the illness. If he finds that your condition may be related to disability, you will be given a certificate to visit the necessary categories of doctors.
Undergo a medical examination according to the plan provided by your doctor. Then, upon confirmation of the diagnosis, contact the medical social expert Commission (MSEK) at the place of residence and in the direction of a physician. If you can't get there yourself, you can go to the house according to your statement.
After the passage of the Commission will receive the results and the decision taken by doctors. If you do not agree with the disability or refusal to assign you this status, appeal against the decision of the district Commission at city or regional level.
Check with MSEK how often you need to undergo re-examination to confirm disability. In some cases, disability inzhivaetsja for life. This is true, for example, the amputation of body parts, because in this case, the recovery and return of ability to work the impossible.
If you are satisfied with the decision of the msec, with the help received there, contact the Pension Fund. There you will be able to finalize your status. You will be given a certificate proving your right to benefits, as well as administer the pension. Its size will depend on the extent of disability and what you've had work experience and how much was the salary.