The registration of disability begins with the treatment in the health care setting that serves your address. After thorough examination, the ophthalmologist must decide whether the restriction of life and how it is expressed. If visual acuity of the better eye is less than 0.1, the doctor is likely to ask you to pass a medical examination, which is a necessary step in the design of disability.
Direction to the passage of the clinical examination shall issue a specialist who directs you to the medico-social examination. In this case it would be optometrist. A medical examination conducted for the registration of disability, helps to detect disease that will require treatment in the future. Perhaps you will be shown a Spa treatment or find that you need those or other technical means of rehabilitation. All this should be reflected in the direction of the ITU, therefore the examination can not give up, even if you have no complaints, and you consider tests and examinations by specialists are meaningless.
Once you get the conclusion of all of these in the direction of the specialists and pass the necessary tests, you will need to return to the ophthalmologist. Having carefully studied the history of the disease, results of studies and tests, the doctor will prepare the medical documents to the ITU. The resulting direction will need to certify at the chief physician of treatment-and-prophylactic institutions, which will put his signature only after personally familiar with your documents. Don't forget to put the required stamps at the reception, without the invalid direction!
After getting a referral from the clinic you will need to come to the nearest branch of the Bureau of the ITU, where you will be asked to write a statement on the passage of the examination and set the date.
On the appointed day you will again be examined by a specialist from the office of the ITU and personally convinced of the seriousness of the disorder, will make a decision on disability. On the same day, you will develop an individual program of rehabilitation and will be given a certificate which will specify the period of the next reexamination. Depending on the disability, you will be asked to come again in a year or two. If there are no chances that your health will improve, disability may be established in perpetuity.