You will need
  • - the direction of a medical examination form No. 088/U-97;
  • - the conclusion of the examination;
  • - personal identity document;
  • - a completed medical card.
Find out if you can claim a particular disability group. Usually the first group is set to patients who were not able to conduct usual activities and take care of themselves, need constant assistance. The second group includes citizens who are able to work only in certain conditions, have the violation of certain body functions. Disability of the third group expect people with some defects of anatomy or chronic illnesses that reduce their ability to work, but allow you to work part-time.
Make an appointment with the therapist after the examination and will receive direction on passage of mediko-social examination. If a medical facility refuses issuing a direction for examination, ask the doctors making the denial in writing and go with this document to the Commission.
Proceed to collect the necessary medical documents. In primary medical study on you should issue a direction on mediko-social examination according to form No. 088/U-97 or stamped and signed rejection of the institutions in the issuance of this document. You will also need a passport and its copy or another ID. Take in a medical institution residence patient card, as required readings and tests related to your current condition. The Commission should be aware of when and for what reasons the disability occurred.
Contact the Bureau of medical-social examination and write sample personal statement for medical clearance. Thereafter, the Commission shall adopt a decision on recognizing you as a disabled person or failure. If the answer is positive, you will provide help with the confirmation group and a rehabilitation program.