Advice 1: How to apply for disability

Making disability is a long hard process, for the successful completion of which is necessary to collect a package of documents and to undergo a thorough examination, where you will have to defend their rights.
How to apply for disability

Where to go

In order to apply for disability, you first need to go to your doctor-the therapist, who will give you a referral for examination – MSE (Mediko-social examination). In order for your therapist recognized the need for such expertise will have to tell him not only about the nature of your illness, the causes and the timing of its appearance, but also about how the disease affects your life and health. The more detailed you describe all the problems that arise because of your illness, the higher the chance of recognizing you disabled. Make sure that the therapist has made the appropriate entries in your medical card. Having received the direction of the survey, go to the hospital and follow all the instructions of the doctors, proving to them that you really are unable to lead a full life. The decision on recognizing you as a disabled person will make Medical and social expert Commission (msec).

What are the documents needed

The registration of disability may be delayed for several months. Not to drag this on even longer, maximize be careful in collecting the necessary documents. In addition to a passport, you will need a photocopy of the photo page, page with registration, and pages with information about the marriage. From the medical documents necessary outpatient records, discharge from hospitals, if any. If you are injured at work, you will need the act of industrial injury, form N–1 or occupational illness. You also ask a copy of the work record card certified in the place of your employment and characteristics of employment. In any case, take proof of income, it can also require.

Always bring a full package of documents for ITU, including the direction of the survey.

What should be the result

If you managed to prove to the Commission that your life is subject to many restrictions in connection with the unsatisfactory state of health, you will be declared invalid and will generate supporting documents. This certificate of disability and the IRP (individual rehabilitation program).

To get you all the required benefits, you will need to go to the Department of social protection of your area and place relevant documents. Also you will need to visit the pension Fund, where you will draw a disability pension.

Advice 2: How to apply for disability in Ukraine

After a serious illness or injury, the person may partially or completely lose the ability to work. In this case, he has the right to apply for disability and get a pension and benefits. In each country, for example, in Ukraine, there are specifics in obtaining such status.
How to apply for disability in Ukraine
Please consult your doctor. This may be an employee of the clinic that you visit, or the doctor of the hospital where you were during the illness. If he finds that your condition may be related to disability, you will be given a certificate to visit the necessary categories of doctors.
Undergo a medical examination according to the plan provided by your doctor. Then, upon confirmation of the diagnosis, contact the medical social expert Commission (MSEK) at the place of residence and in the direction of a physician. If you can't get there yourself, you can go to the house according to your statement.
After the passage of the Commission will receive the results and the decision taken by doctors. If you do not agree with the disability or refusal to assign you this status, appeal against the decision of the district Commission at city or regional level.
Check with MSEK how often you need to undergo re-examination to confirm disability. In some cases, disability inzhivaetsja for life. This is true, for example, the amputation of body parts, because in this case, the recovery and return of ability to work the impossible.
If you are satisfied with the decision of the msec, with the help received there, contact the Pension Fund. There you will be able to finalize your status. You will be given a certificate proving your right to benefits, as well as administer the pension. Its size will depend on the extent of disability and what you've had work experience and how much was the salary.
If your disease is not so severe as to interrupt your professional activities, you will receive a working group of disability. In this case, you will be able to work and still keep your pension.
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