According to the government decree of 2005 and the order of the Ministry of health and social development of the Russian Federation from 2007, hospitals and Bureau of medical-social expertise are required to ensure the results necessary for obtaining disability documentation and comply with the objective assessment of disability. In the process of conducting medico-social examination establishes the connection of disease with profession or with the effect of the factors of chemical, physical or biological nature.

For disability hire in a hospital, the direction on mediko-social examination. If there are obvious health defects, such as lack of limbs or other organs, problems usually arise. If the disease is not explicit, but gives the right to apply for a disability pension, in regard to the examination may be denied. The medical establishment is not obliged to issue a denial in writing, but in this case you can request a certificate. With this document, you may apply to medico-social examination on their own. If getting help you are refused, this is the reason for going to court over the illegal inactivity of officials.

The next step will be the passage of mediko-social examination. To do this, prepare your passport, statement and direction for the ITU (or a certificate). Date and time of submission will be assigned directly to the place of examination, for that join a queue when you visit the authorized body or by telephone. Documents submitted to the Bureau of mediko-social examination of the place of residence or place of temporary registration.

Examination in accordance with regulations of the Bureau of the ITU is obliged to carry out within one month from the date of filing. If your state does not allow to attend the examination in person, require examination at home or in absentia, by providing the Commission with the relevant documents. If for some reason you are not satisfied with the decision of the expert Committee, for example — doctors found wrong disability or even denied its receipt, appeal against the decision to the parent organization, the Federal Bureau of ITU. Or go to court to challenge decisions of officials. In this case, the court will appoint a repeated forensic examination, and will make the appropriate decision.