You need to get a referral from a General practitioner – he will send the patient to specialized professionals and will make the appropriate entry in his medical records. The procedure of passing of the Commission is somewhat reminiscent of medical examinations the doctors are interested in not only the health of the patient, but also those causes which resulted in the damage to health, for example, working conditions on the job. Therefore, in order to get disability, you need as much detail as possible to tell professionals about what were the circumstances of injury or illness. If the disability is proven, the patient will receive the resulting certificate, which will indicate the group of his disability, and will also be made to the reasons and terms of this condition. Since the receipt of certificates of disability – long-term thing, which sometimes several months, the patient needs to be as knowledgeable about the rules of disability and how to behave while interacting with the medical Board.

  1. Be aware that the disability may be perpetual, and may be assigned for a specified period. After expire of disability, to re-take the medical examination, according to which the disability may be extended – or Vice versa, are cancelled. If the patient's condition changes are observed, the medical Board may assign a different disability group.

  2. The very first action in order to apply for disability, in any case would be an appeal to the attending physician at the place of residence. Only he can give You a direction on mediko-social examination (MSE). If the doctor refuses to make a referral, you can try to contact the Department of social protection of the population (also by place of residence). If the patient is not sent to the ITU in any of the instances, you can request a certificate about refusal in registration of disability and to handle it in Bureau of ITU on their own.

  3. After the patient is declared invalid, he is handed a certificate confirming this fact, and the individual rehabilitation program. With these documents, the patient should contact the social security office for registration of disability pensions and other benefits due to him or benefits.

  4. If the patient has received a denial of registration of disability, he is entitled to appeal the decision in the main Bureau of the MSE – this should write the corresponding application, and a month Buda re-appointed mediko-social examination. In an extreme case, any person has the right to insist on an independent expertise by selecting expert institution.