You will need
  • -a direction on mediko-social examination
  • -tests and examinations
  • -passport
  • -extract from history of disease
  • -statement
The assignment of disability are governed by: Federal law No. 181-F3 from 24.11.95, numerous changes and additions from 24.07.98, from 4.01. and 17.07. 1999, from 27.05.2000, 9.06, 8.08, 29.12, 30.12. 2001, 29.05.02, 10.01.03. Changes and additions were made in 2004, 2005, 2007, 2008, 2009. All changes and additions approved by the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation 20.02.06. No. 95 and No. 247 of 7.04.08. On the basis of the law and taking into account of the disease, as well as all of the submitted surveys, we can assign a disability group.
All necessary tests and examinations can be done in a hospital, if in a clinic it can be done. If the hospital wrote to apply for disability, relatives may agree with the local doctor. Then the patient hospitalitynet to carry out the necessary surveys that will be required to submit for examination.
If the person is walking, all areas of the survey may be obtained from the attending physician in the clinic by place of residence.
You will also need a direction for medico-social expertise. It is given out in the district hospital after examination by the Commission of the history of the disease and of the studies. The direction must be signed by the chief physician of policlinic and printing companies.
On the basis of the direction of the research, extracts from the medical history, medico-social expert Commission will decide whether to give the disability and define the group.
If a person refused to issue directions to the Commission or gave a disability, please contact the health Department with a statement of the holding of the Commission on higher level.
After a stroke, the disabilities give not always, but only in the case if some part of the brain is not fully recovered, and impaired speech, movement or other functions.
If the disability was given, the year will have to undergo re-examination, to introduce a new examination and fresh analysis. Only the disabled of the first group can undergo re-examination once in two years.