You will need
  • - the passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation or the document replacing it;
  • - the policy of obligatory medical insurance;
  • - a direction on mediko-social examination;
  • - documents confirming the condition.
Analyze the changes that have occurred in your health since the discovery of asthma. The fact that the group of disability is established not on the basis of the presence of the disease, and taking into account disabilities caused by it. Bronchial asthma doctors are taken into account complications such as: frequent and prolonged bouts of asthma, confirmed by pulmonary or cardiac failure, chronic inflammation in the lungs, hormone-dependence of the patient, etc.
Asthma often develops slowly, the patient's condition is deteriorating gradually. Modern drugs successfully prevent asthma attacks and allow people a long time to feel good. The patient is put on the account for the disease in the district hospital, sent periodically on stationary examination. Ability to work and lead an active lifestyle decreases a few years after the start of treatment.
Having made the decision about the design of disability, talk to your doctor. Perhaps he will ask you to change the treatment regimen or refer to additional consultations to other professionals. The doctor may not see the bases for recognition of you as an invalid, but to issue a certificate for a visit to the medico-social examination he was obliged.
Pass a medical examination in the clinic. Primary care physician or pulmonologist will give you a special form of inspection by medical specialists. In the necessary minimum includes: clinical (General) blood analysis, biochemical blood analysis, blood sugar, urinalysis, joint analysis and sputum, spirography, chest x-ray, electrocardiography of the heart. Also, you have the inspection of the surgeon, neurologist, cardiologist, etc. depending on the severity of the disease can be assigned to additional studies, such as long term hormonal therapy, it is necessary to conclude the work of the adrenal glands.
By visiting all the experts and received the results of tests, navigate back to the reception to the doctor. He would make the necessary information in the patient card and will issue a direction to the ITU. In case of disagreement with the patient's doctor will write a basis for the examination – "At the request of the patient".
Make an appointment in the Bureau of medico-social examination in a residence. On the appointed day you will need to appear for a medical examination. Please bring your passport, medical insurance, medical certificates, a direction to the Commission.
The ITU experts will examine the information submitted by you, will question you about the health, living conditions, work, etc. According to the results of the survey you will assign a disability or refuse it. Results ITU you can dispute in the Main offices in the region, and then in court.