You will need
  • passport, direction, statement, examination, test results
The first step for confirmation of disability will appeal to your doctor at your residence. Only he can give direction to ITU mediko-social examination . In case of failure of the doctor contact the Department of social protection of the population. If you are not directed to the ITU in any court, then demand a certificate about refusal in registration of disability, and already with her contact at the Bureau, ITU independently.
The procedure of the Commission resembles the clinical examination – the doctors will be interested in not only your health, but also the reasons why the damage occurred to your health, for example, working conditions on the job. So, get in order to confirm the disability documented, should as much as possible and to tell professionals about what were the circumstances of disease development and the receipt of some injury. Prepare for this in advance.
After you acknowledge a disability, you will receive an official document which confirms this fact, and the program further rehabilitation. With these documents, please contact the social security office to apply for a disability pension and other payable benefits and perks.
After assignment to a specific disability group you will need to undergo annual re-examination. Only with the first group of disability re-examination is appointed every two years. For re-examination you will have to obtain a referral from a doctor or social security authorities, go through the spectrum of all necessary examinations and analyses. The survey you can prolong the disability or to remove a disability group in the case of recovery.