You will need
  • To pass ITU, you will need the following documents:
  • •The statement of the citizen or his legal representative;
  • •passport;
  • •certificate of disability;
  • •the completed registration form No. 88;
  • •an individual rehabilitation program with marks on its implementation;
  • •outpatient records and other medical documents;
  • •employment history, if you do not work or certified by the personnel Department, copy to employee
  • •information about the nature of the work;
  • •the policy of obligatory medical insurance.
First of all, you need to get on reception to the local therapist, visiting Bureau of the ITU, to find out if turn to undergo examination, and to sign up for a date that is closest to the expiry date of your disability. Once on reception to the therapist, you need to tell him about the end of validity of your certificate of disability. He will give you the application form 88, will fill the first page and write directions on tests and visits to specialists.
Further action will depend on the disease, on the basis of which was rated disability. You need to get to the doctor on the account, which consist of primary disease. This may be a surgeon, a neurologist, a therapist, or one of the specialists. He will fill the main topics and give a conclusion for the ITU. Perhaps it would need further investigation, direction on which he will prescribe.
Now your task as quickly as possible to pass all the tests and undergo the necessary tests. In addition to the therapist and physician, from whom you are registered, you will need to obtain the opinion of at least two specialists. Decide what doctors you go to be physician.After passing all the tests, having received the opinion of specialists, it is necessary to come on reception to the therapist. He will make these tests in a certificate-форму88 and draw the line at the supermarket.
The passage of the Commission VVK will be the last item before you go to ITU.