Bronchial asthma is not a disease, steadily leading to disability, but often it severely limits vital functions of the patient. In mild and moderate asthma in a disability likely will be denied. But the severe disease is an indication for its establishment. In any case, to understand whether you put a disability, you should consult a doctor. Even if you are watching a specialist from a major referral centre, the registration of disability begins within the walls of medical facilities, which is attached to your house, i.e. in the district hospital.
If you are sick already, you probably have gone through many different surveys and not just lying in the hospital. All medical findings necessary to bring the district physician, as their basis, he will prepare the documents for the ITU. Perhaps some of the tests and examinations have to be repeated, the doctor will warn on the first reception, where they will be given appropriate referrals. In addition, you will have to undergo a medical examination by several specialists. This is required even if in addition to the underlying disease you do not bother.
The second appointment the therapist will take place when all its recommendations would be implemented, i.e. after passing examinations and surveys, and tests. The results of the examination will be entered in a special form, which will be the direction on mediko-social examination. This document should be referred to the chief physician of the clinic, and he is thoroughly acquainted with its contents, will put his signature and certify it with the seal.
When the direction is on hand, you will need to take it to Bureau mediko-social examination where you will be assigned inspection date.
After examining the documents and examining you, the specialist of the Bureau of the ITU, the decision will be made about which disability group you are eligible for, and entitled to, if at all. You will be given a document confirming the status of a disabled person, and call the date to which you can appear for re-examination. If you do not agree with the Commission's decision, you can contact the Main office of the ITU in your city.