In order to renew the disability in advance, before the expiry of the current disability, contact the clinic by place of residence and make an appointment with your doctor. It is important to inform the specialist about your desire prolong disability or change its group. The doctor will begin to execute the Messenger sheet, which shall include information about the patient, complete the diagnosis. You will need to be examined. It usually involves standard tests (General analysis of blood, urine, biochemical analysis of blood), as well as additional, depending on the nature of the disease. Instrumental examination must include recording of the electrocardiogram, other diagnostic manipulations are assigned individually.
The patient has to undergo specialists. In Tender sheet must be the opinion of the surgeon, neurologist and therapist. Other specialists the patient passes according to individual indications. Sometimes for a full examination of a person hospitalityat in a hospital, especially if the clinic lacks the necessary expertise or diagnostic equipment.
After the messenger sheet fully decorated, the patient is sent to Medical Commission (MC). Usually it includes the therapist (senior therapist), a surgeon, a neurologist and Chairman of the Commission. As a rule, the medical Commission is working in each clinic several times a week. The members of the VC and clarify patient's complaint and decide the question of sending the patient to the Medico-Social Examination (MSE).
Medico-Social Expert Commission worked on the basis of major medical institutions and decides on the need of the assignment or renewal of a person of a particular group of disabilities, and develops measures for rehabilitation of the disabled. To get to the meeting of the Commission is by appointment or first come first serve basis.
Going to the ITU, the patient should bring the Messenger sheet, medical records, all the statements after inpatient treatment (originals or copies certified by the seal of the medical establishment), documented information about the labor activity (if the disabled person works), a certified copy or original of the work book, medical certificate (if any) passport. It is very important not to forget to bring on ITU individual program of rehabilitation of disabled (IPR) with respective marks of its execution. For re-examination of IPR should be performed.
An individual rehabilitation program - a document issued after the first passage of the ITU. The program includes a complex of measures, directed on medical and social rehabilitation of the disabled. It specifies the necessary technical equipment (prostheses, wheelchairs, footwear, etc.), which are issued free of charge, advice on the multiplicity of medical examinations, nature of work, etc. After the Committee members will read the papers, the patient is to necessarily invite for conversation and examination. The Commission then makes a conclusion on whether there is a need to extend disability and needs in the change groups and change the dpi. Then the members of the ITU issued a written opinion on its decision.