You will need
  • - A direction on mediko-social examination according to form No. 088/U-97 (or written refusal to give a direction honey. institutions and organs of social protection)
  • ID and medical card with all tests
  • The conclusion mediko-social examination
It is important to know who is awarded a particular group of disability. The law does not stipulate which specific diseases can be cause of a positive decision of the expert Committee of physicians. The same diseases occur in humans in different ways: one becomes incapacitated, the other after some time again normally works. Usually:
• the first group of disability receive patients who are unable to continue usual activities and self-serve themselves. They need constant help.
• the second group includes citizens who can work only in special circumstances. Certain functions of their body is significantly disturbed.
• have a disability of the third group can people with any defects of anatomy or chronic illnesses that reduce their ability to work. They have the right to work part-time.
Go and see your doctor. He should evaluate your medical condition and direct you to further examination in the Bureau of medico-social examination in a residence. If he does not deem you disabled, and you do not agree with this decision, please contact the head of the clinic. Upon failure of medical institutions to give direction to the honey. examination require a doctors written waiver and go with him to the Commission.
Gather the necessary medical documents. First, don't forget the coveted "a Direction on mediko-social examination" form No. 088/U-97 (or certified by the signature and seal of the refusal of the medical establishment to give you this document). Secondly, take a passport or other proof of your identity and residence. Can also bring patient card: it should be all the information and analyses that are somehow related to your specific problem. The Commission will be important to know why disability occurred, and when it happened.
Write submitted to the Bureau of medico-social examination of the corresponding sample personal statement before a medical examination. The Commission recognizes either disabled or not. In the first case you should get a confirmation that your group of disabilityand the rehabilitation program. If you were issued a negative decision, you can give a certificate of the results of the survey.