The conditions that determine the need to assign 3 groups of disability

The invalid of 3 groups should have the opportunity to study in the regular educational system and into the labour force. On top of that to conditions is the ability to navigate both in time and in space and the ability to communicate. Based on the foregoing points established a list of diseases, the presence of which determines the belonging to the 3 group. The reason for assigning this group is a social disability, in which people in need of social assistance. The reason for this inferiority may be a violation of health with varying degrees of disorders of body functions.
Now the decision of assigning a particular disability makes Medical-Social Examination.

Disease 3 disability group

In the main list of diseases includes:

- diseases of internal organs, malignant tumors, and those tumors that are not amenable to removal;
diseases of the CNS (Central nervous system), which are expressed by persistent violations of motor, visual and speech functions;
- eye disease and diseases of the ear, throat, nose, which include total blindness or reduced quality of vision in both eyes, congenital deafness and deaf-blindness full;
anatomical and surgical diseases (diseases that need surgical treatment);
- diseases of the kidneys, such as kidney failure;
nervous, mental, neuromuscular disease;
These include progressive paralysis, infectious diseases of the CNS with severe chronic.

- diseases of the heart muscle, such as heart failure or coronary failure; heart defects;
- diabetes, particularly severe forms with a tendency to a comatose state;

This list is supplemented with respiratory system diseases, cirrhosis of liver, some congenital abnormalities, Parkinson's disease, damage to the spinal cord or brain, coronary heart disease, urinary or fecal fistula and the stoma, defect of the jaw, hard palate, provided that the prosthesis does not solve the problem, as well as the presence of any defects of the lower and upper extremities. It should be noted that in each country a list of ailments related to the 3 group of disability, different from the others.