To pass ITU, you need to make a messenger list. It is a document that fills in a doctor in the clinic. In tender sheet contains the passport data of the patient's full diagnosis, the results of the survey (an analysis, instrumental methods, findings necessary specialists). After the messenger sheet completely filled, the patient undergoes medical Commission (MC) in the outpatient clinic. VC sets the grounds of disability and directs the users to the ITU.
Patient card the patient (a medical card from the clinic) - one medical document, which is required when passing in the ITU. Immediately before the meeting of the medico-social expert Commission, the patient must pick up your card from the registry of the clinic and submit it to the members of the Commission.
If a man has undergone inpatient treatment or examination, he should communicate to the Commission the originals (or copies certified by the seal of a medical institution) extracts from the hospital.
Data on nature of employment – a document that the patient has to bring with the place of work (if you work). It includes a full description of the kind of work, the nature of the load conditions. The certificate must be stamped by the organization.
If the person does not work, it needs to bring on ITU's original employment records. If the patient works need a certified copy of this document.
Temporary disability leave (sick leave) is required only if the person works. After the meeting of the ITU in the sheet of disability is a record of the fact and the result of passing a medical examination.
Passport – document of identity are required to bring at the meeting of the medico-social expert Commission.
The individual program of rehabilitation (IPR) need to bring just in case, if a person passes the re-examination, that is, re-draws disability. IPR – a document issued by the ITU after the initial passage of the fee. It describes the individual plan of rehabilitation of disabled persons (frequency of examination and treatment, names and number of necessary technical means, etc.). An individual rehabilitation program must contain a special mark on its implementation (printing, painting relevant organizations).