You will need
  • - medical card;
  • - the permit;
  • - passport;
  • - a certificate of disability.
To place the disabled person in boarding school, to apply to the bodies of social protection of the population and will notify in writing the bodies of guardianship and guardianship about what you are going to place the ward in a social institution. If you make the disabled person is no one he can call to social protection and to cause the authorized representative who will take the whole formal part.
For obtaining the permit in the social state institution will need to prepare a medical card with a full range of medical examinations. Must pass EKG, blood, urine, feces, obtain the opinion of specialists indicated in the map, results of photoroentgenography. If the disabled person is unable to move independently and feels so bad that not able to visit all the doctors and undergo a full medical examination, a representative from the Department of social protection is obliged to help the afflicted person. For this you need to call a therapist from the clinic at the place of residence to give direction to the hospital, where he will conduct all necessary tests and issue a medical card.
After receiving a medical card for disabled person will be given a place in a boarding school. If people can't get to social institutions, and to accompany him there, the bodies of social protection of the population are obliged to help, to provide transportation and escort to boarding school, in place to give the disabled person the authorized representatives of the institution in which it is decorated.
The property is decorated in the property, will remain with the disabled, social housing after 6 months will go to the government. At any time a disabled person may be discharged from the orphanage, if he shows up close or distant relatives willing to adopt and provide care.
Also, the disabled person has the right to take time off from school and 1 month to go to relatives or back home.