Refer to the otolaryngologist with a complaint of hearing loss. After inspection the specialist must make a referral to an audiologist, which can be found in a specialized center or multi-field medical institution.
Consult the audiologist who after examination will write a conclusion about the degree of hearing loss and methods of correction. With a slight deviation from the norm to insist on receiving the status of disabled does not make sense. When serious hearing problems, the doctor will likely be given the necessary documents to establish disability.
In treatment-and-prophylactic institution of the place of residence go professionals. For registration of disability need the conclusion of a surgeon, ophthalmologist, cardiologist, therapist, gynecologist and neurologist. If you are under medical supervision any other doctor and get his opinion.

Hand over analyses of urine and blood. Data from these studies will also be required for the registration of disability.
Again, refer to the otolaryngologist with all the specialists ' reports, and medical documents issued by a hearing healthcare professional. During the week the specialist will prepare the direction on mediko-social examination. Reassure him the main doctor and put at the reception of the required stamps.
Write in Bureau of ITU application for the examination. To present the passport, the direction and data of all studies (originals). After a medical examination and scrutiny of your documents, the Commission will make a decision about the disability or refusal. In the case of a positive reply within hours you will receive a document confirming your new status. In case of refusal to admit you are disabled, you may apply to the Central Bureau of ITU application for re-examination.