First of all, contact the district office of social protection of the population. To stay in the housee elderly have the right to all the people who have reached retirement age old-age (60 for men and 55 for women), the disabled first and second groups according to the age of 18. If you have any questions, feel free to ask their employees social services. They will tell you what documents processing time you can count on.
In the Department of social security you will be given a special medical form that needs to be filled. The visiting specialists start with a psychiatrist, his conclusion depends, what kind of boarding school may be determined by the people – shared or neuropsychiatric. If your mentee is not able to personally make a call on the house (for a fee).
The next stage – the local therapist. It will help to determine the list of necessary specialists in accordance with records in a medical card of the patient.
If your SIM is disabled, you need to documentary the conclusion of the Commission VTEK – it defines the category of the patient (whether he is lying or walking, and is capable of partially self-service).
If the psychiatrist has decided that an elderly person is not a potential patient of a psychoneurological boarding house, you will need his written consent to placement in a home for the elderly. You may have to hold a conversation and the older man, explaining to him the benefits of living in a boarding school. Note that a similar conversation can spend and staff of social protection.
Make a statement on behalf of your ward, would you witness his signature and take it to the Department of social protection. You will be advised when a decision will be made on your question. The timing of the review depends on the diagnosis, and the queue length in urban buildingand the elderly.
Apply directly to one of the resorts meaningless – they work exclusively in the areas of social security. You can visit the houseand the elderly and chat with the staff. However, the permit you will receive at the institution where you will be free place. Of course, you can abandon it if you think that a particular institution is not suitable.
Please note that all in the houseand the elderly can be quite long. And if in the process of waiting in the health status of the elderly person will be changed – for example, he can't take care of themselves or become bedridden patient – a medical form will need to fill in again.