First, a little theory. According to the law on social inpatient care have the right for elderly persons and people with disabilities who are partially or completely lost the ability to care for themselves, health in need of constant medical supervision. In a nursing home can get only pensioners, i.e. women aged 55 years and over, men 60 and older and disabled people, usually first or second group of disability.
The social security bodies are working personally with the applicant is a pensioner, who wishes to move into a nursing home. Relatives can contact only in case of complete incapacity of the person.
First of all write an application to the territorial body of social security and protection. The statement indicates a request to send him to the orphanage and the obligation to transfer not less than 75% of the pension at the expense of the institution.
Get ready to visit a social worker that needs to inspect the living conditions and to make a conclusion about what independent living is really impossible.
Pass a medical examination, the results of which will show that you are really in need of constant care and is unable to exercise this care on their own.
Get help with the dispensation of family composition and status of account. Contact territorial office of the Pension Fund for information on the size of accrued pensions.
Collected help provide with the social security authority and await decision by the special Commission in the city Committee of social security. The decision of the Commission will be issued the permit to the nearest nursing home. Note that the solution of the question and the document collection can take from a week to several months.