You will need
  • - a statement from the guardian and the ward;
  • package of documents for registration of guardianship;
  • - a statement to the court.
For registration of guardianship in the form of patronage guardianship, elderly people should Express my personal written consent, apply to the bodies of guardianship and guardianship. The application must come from individuals who care.
Seniors can choose their own guardian, and revoke the authority to care for them, by writing a repeat statement. Live guardian can with elderly people, over whom scored respite care or in their own apartment, visiting the elderly and helping them with the housework.
If an older person is fully incapacitated and adjudged insane on the basis of the conclusion of psychiatric examination, to obtain a guardianship will have to go to court.
Guardianship over incapacitated citizens is issued on the basis of a court order. Personal consent of citizens and statements from them are not required.
When making any form of guardianship, the guardian must present not only an application to the guardianship and guardianship, and other documents. The necessary documents include:- passport of RF citizen;- characteristics of the workplace; characteristics of residence;- certificate of inspection of living space guardian;- filled out and signed by all the specialists of the medical card.
Into the patient entered the results of the survey of the health of the guardian. Citizen, making full custody or foster care guardianship should be healthy, not have serious chronic diseases and cancer, not consist on the account in narcological and psychiatric clinic, not have diseases, dangerous to others.
Neither the custody nor guardianship of nursing does not give the right to become the heir of the ward, do not provide other benefits are voluntary and gratuitous. When making a full guardianship may assign the payment of social benefits, but its amount is negligible.