The collection of the necessary documents begins with the district Department of social protection. The person who wants to get a place in one of the homes for veterans may sign up for a consultation with a specialist. He will explain in detail the sequence of actions and give the first form is a medical form that needs to be filled.Completing the form should start with examination of a psychiatrist. He will be given a report, which the house should determine this person is in a normal pension, or in the mental. For injured patients provides a paid service to call a doctor at home.The person with a disability will require a written opinion of the Commission VTEK. Everything you need to turn to a local practitioner to obtain a medical opinion. When necessary, the therapist will give direction to the experts and explain what tests need to pass. To undergo a medical examination, the applicant may, at the district clinic or hospital. For bedridden patients, doctors can be invited to the house.With the completed medical form, medical insurance policy and passport need to go back to the Department of social protection. Then check the completeness of documents and will issue a direction in a certain home for the elderly. The direction will be issued to the boarding house in which there are free places. Wishes of older people are most likely to consider impossible – in the social institutions were not enough.After obtaining the permit you need to write a statement about the transfer of pensions to the address of the orphanage. The sample application will provide the employee social security, he also, if necessary, help him up. In addition to statements that will need the retirement ID. The last question to be resolved is housing. An elderly man living in a boarding house, is not removed from the register for six months. At any moment he may refuse the services of homeand the elderly and to return at his residence. However, after six months the registration will be cancelled. The right of ownership of privatized apartment is kept intact, and the right to live it.