You will need
  • - application to the guardianship;
  • - a package of documents;
  • - a statement to the court.
If you are going to get custody of the disabled person of 1 group that is not recognized by the court based on the psychiatric examination completely insane, contact the guardianship and custody of your neighborhood with the statement. Application for registration of nursing guardianship must be presented and the disabled.
You are to present to the guardianship certificate of inspection of your housing members of the housing Commission, the inquiry on incomes of the form 2-NDFL, the characteristics of employment and of residence, health card, signed by all the specialists mentioned in the document. Card you will be given custody of authorities. You need to see a oncologist, psychiatrist, psychiatrist, therapist, TB specialist, to present extracts from the AIDS centre. Guardian, caring needs to be fully healthy.
The guardianship and guardianship will review your application and assign you a Trustee. You are required to make monthly full count before care about the health of his ward and the expenditure of its funds. At any time at the request of the disabled you can withdraw the powers of the Trustee.
If you are going to get custody of a disabled group 1, recognized by a court as incapable due to mental insanity, apply to the bodies of guardianship and guardianship and the court. Only on the basis of court orders involving guardianship, attorney, you may appoint the guardian without asking permission and consent of your ward.
As in the first case, you must submit all the documents and medical records. If you are not working, then you can appoint allowance in the amount of 1200 rubles for the care of a disabled group 1 (Government decision No. 343).
No more concessions in the exercise of guardianship you are not supposed to. You will not be the heir to the ward, you will not inherit his estate in case of death (article 63 of the civil code). In fact, the guardianship is voluntary.