First, you have to remember that compensation in this case, put only to persons older than 16 years with no income form wages, pensions, unemployment benefits. Second, if you are registered as a private entrepreneur, to pay for the care of a disabled person should not count, even if you are with him in close relationship residing at the same address and still caring.
Now the design of the care for the disabled is carried out, according to the new laws. First, collect the necessary documents, including documents confirming the disability and a group of the interested person, Ypres, indicating that a person needs constant care. These references attach your documents including the certificate of pension insurance, work book, in which there is a record of your dismissal from the previous place of work, as well as a certificate from the labour exchange at the place of residence, confirming that you receive unemployment benefits.
Having all the documents on hand, go to the district office of the Pension Fund at the place of residence of the disabled person of 1 group. Further, the design of the care allowance disabled includes the following steps. First, in the office of the Pension Fund, write the application from a person caring for an invalid, with indication of place of residence and date of commencement of care.
To it attach a statement from the invalid of 1 group, in which he must consent that you cared for him, but remember, the Pension Fund will be required to verify the signature of the person signing the document. If a disabled group 1 is a child, instead this statement should write to the parents or other legal representatives.
Secondly, after consideration of all documents ask how you will get the benefit. Remember that the design of care of the invalid of 1 group should annually produce over, but the Pension Fund remains in need of guardianship of the person, so the extension of the initial care for the next year you only have to confirm your details. If in the intervening period you will not find a job and will not receive other income, secondary processing of care by a disabled person will happen much faster.