You will need
  • - address and telephone number of the nursing home;
  • - transport for the trip to the nursing home;
  • - money to buy necessary items, medical goods and products, etc.
Contact your local social security authority of the population. Such offices and committees is, in the structure of administration of region, district or city. It is in their jurisdiction are homes for veterans, the disabled, the elderly.
Tell employees social security about his desire to help the residents of nursing homes and ask for contact information. Because to take patronage over all gerontological establishments of the area you probably can't, select one or two options. Give preference to boarding schools, which have less budgetary funding or in remote settlements.
Contact by phone with the Director of the institution. Ask what support is particularly essential for inhabitants of nursing homes. In most of the schools will be glad to medical care for patients who are seriously ill (adult diapers, disposable diapers, anti-bedsore creams and ointments, etc.).
Missing elderly also special equipment: wheelchairs, walkers, beds special configuration. Not to be redundant, and small TVs, radios, heaters, household items (curtains, bedspreads, bed linen, etc.).
In addition to material values nursing homes require very skillful hands of volunteers. You can participate in the repair of premises, cleaning of adjacent territory, preparing the rooms for the winter, etc.
Agreeing with the management of a boarding school on the date of the first visit, pick a team and organize the collection of aid. Tell us about your plans to colleagues, family, friends, neighbors. Hang invitations to participate in the campaign on message boards. Send information to local Newspapers, television and radio stations. The text must indicate the purpose of the volunteer help, phone the organizers and the address of the place of collecting things.
The money collected are spent on the purchase of necessities. The volunteers had brought along things sort. Make sure that a shipment has not got expired drugs, substandard products, defective goods. Clothes and shoes are sent to a nursing home, needs to be of good quality, better than new.
Buy something for arrangement of leisure time of elderly. For example, give the nursing home a DVD player and collection of disks with films of the Soviet era. You can also bring Board games: chess, checkers, dominoes. Try to prepare for every inhabitant of boarding small personal gifts: calendars, photo frames, sweets (marshmallows, jellies, dried fruit), books, materials for Handicrafts, etc.
During the first visit, meet the staff and inhabitants of nursing homes. After talking with them, you better know the problems and needs of older people. Do not try to immediately correct all deficiencies. Become a frequent guest at the boarding school. And you will be here to wait with joy and gratitude.