You will need
  • - the statement in bodies of social protection;
  • - medical card;
  • - the passport.
Guarantee social support to frail citizens is regulated by article 27 on protection of health of citizens of the Russian Federation and changes 5487-1 dated 2.12.2000 and the law 195-F3 and 202 of housee for the elderly. But the laws give a guarantee on paper, in fact, to get into these institutions is very difficult, because they are filled with elderly citizens and the disabled, for whom there is no one to care. Therefore, even after collecting documents, you can expect a ticket from social security more than one year.
Please contact the district Department of social protection statement. If you find it difficult to walk, unable to call the representative from this organization by phone or ask friends and neighbors to contact this organization.
You will need to assemble a number of tests and to issue a medical card for admission in the home for the elderly. List of tests and medical reports are very large - ECG, blood, urine, feces, the conclusion of all specialists, fluoroscopy. That is, the clinic will have to spend at least a week everywhere a huge queue. So if you find it difficult to run this "marathon obstacles", call the local therapist on the house and ask for a referral to the hospital, where all will will give.
Having a medical card, notify to the inspector in the social protection that all medical documents are ready. You will be given a voucher with the address of the institution. On this address, put the pension to get it in place. To help get to the houseand nursing you must social security.
If your home was decorated in the property, then it will be for you. Municipal housing will be your only 6 months and then depart for the local municipality.
If you declare the relatives who are willing to care for you, you will be discharged from the institution. Also for confirmation you can go homeOh for one month.