Holy blessed Matrona of asking for healing from disease, meeting with a mate, motherhood, getting rid of alcoholic and drug addiction help in solving financial problems, in school or at work, deliverance from suffering.
Calling in assistants to the Holy Matron, remember that you first need to address prayers to the Saviour and the virgin Mary. Ask the Matrona to pray for you before the Lord, and to help you.
To the Holy matron , you can contact the Church that you usually go, or at home, or in any other place: not furnished, and a strong faith in God and praying with an open heart. Usually Orthodox ask saints for help, making the sign of the sign of the cross and putting my lips to the icon. But if you can see no image of Matrona of Moscow, imagine it, eyes closed, and feel the connection with her.
In Orthodox prayer books, you will find the akathist and the prayer of the Holy matron, where her appeal with a request for assistance or gratitude. It is possible to memorize or read a book. If you don't know or don't remember prayers, we can speak of himself those words which come from the depths of the soul and heart.
If life circumstances allow you to visit Moscow, visit the Pokrovsky Stavropigialny women's monastery, attached to the relics of St. Matrona and her miraculous icon. But if not, don't worry: Matrona will take your prayers wherever you are.
Moreover, if you need help of St. Matrona and her intercession before God, you can write her a letter. Send it to the mailing address of the monastery: 109147, Moscow, Taganskaya str., 58, Pokrovsky stavropegic convent of the intercession at the gates of Moscow, the mother superior hegumeness Feofania (Makinoi). You can also contact matron via e-mail to the following address: The priests of the monastery will lay your request to the relics of St. blessed Staritsa.
Believe, ask the Holy Matron with all your heart, but be sure to add: "If it be the will of God," because God knows what each of us needs for happiness.