Matrona of Moscow, or as it is affectionately called a Mother Matrona, Matrona, in life, healed people, helped in stacked situations, preserved health. Before her death the Matron left all comes to her grave and tell about their troubles, and it will be for everyone to ask before God.

What colors go to the Matrona?

The relics of St. Matrona of Moscow are female Pokrovsky monastery, where every day there are hundreds of people. In this Holy place are thousands of colors to Mother Matron, because in life she loved them very much. What flowers to buy for a Saint?

The majority come to the convent to ask for help or to thank Matrona of Moscow with roses in white or yellow. But really, Holy, loved and other flowers, especially she was happy to field daisies and basilicum.

The matron can come with flowers of all shades and varieties, but it is important that they were donated from the heart, with love and care. The Holy shroud monastery, the flowers can be put in a vase next to the icon or bring to the Church the relics of the Saint. People come to Matrona of Moscow with chrysanthemums, daisies, roses, carnations, peonies and tulips, and wildflowers in the hands of believers are rare.

The healing power of flowers Mother Matron

It is believed that all flowers brought to the relics of the Holy and rested there for some time, acquire a special force. Minister Pokrovsky monastery to everyone who has inclined to the relics of Matrona, give one rose Bud, and sprig of the other flower. Bud you need to disassemble the petals to boiling water and drink the resulting drink, and twigs applied to the affected area until complete recovery.

Flowers from Mother Matron can not only heal, but also submitting signs to predict the future. Even tulips and peonies taken from Matrona, are a month, and sometimes longer.

Received in the temple colors can be put in a vase or dry, they have the power of healing within one year. They can be sewn into the bag and attach to the sore spot.

Before the death of the Mother the Matron commanded to come to her with flowers and to tell about their sorrows. But what kind of flowers she liked, so far nobody knows exactly. In stores next to Pokrovsky convent and cemetery Danilovskom sold a lot of roses, in the spring people bring the Holy Matrona of peonies and tulips. Flowers do not have to buy, you can type a field of daisies or cornflowers.