Advice 1: How to get to Matrona of Moscow

Matrona of Moscow was canonized in 1998. Her relics are located since then in Pokrovsky monastery on Taganka street. An endless stream of people coming to venerate the Saint.
How to get to Matrona of Moscow
Remember that going to the Shrine and not to perform the ritual. Believe in miracles, but don't think that came to Matrona, automatically get rid of the problem. Prepare yourself spiritually. Read the life of the blessed Staritsa Matrona, find prayers to her. If you are a Church-going person, take a blessing from the priest.
Matrona's relics are located in the Pokrovsky monastery at the address: Moscow, Taganskaya str. 58. To get there, get to the metro station "Marxist". Go through the transition to the left, climb the stairs on your right. You will be on the street Taganskaya. Go to the right side until you see the image of a Matron.
Unable to use public transport. From "Marxist" to the monastery (stopping "Abelmanovskaya Zastava") bus No. 51, No. 74 and trolleybuses No. 16, No. 26, No. 63.
There is an alternative route. Get off at the metro station "Krestyanskaya Zastava" in the direction of "3rd Swag alley". Then through the area Peasant Zastava pass on Abelmanovskaya the street. Without turning, go to the monastery. On the same street you can walk to the monastery from the station "proletarian". Or take the tram (№12, №20, №43).
The entrance to the monastery is allowed from seven in the morning until eight in the evening. Sunday from six in the morning. The visitors, who failed to go to eight, we have to wait for the next day. To come later: protection produces people for a few hours.
There are two temple. On one you will see an icon of Matrona of Moscow. In it the relics of a Saint. In another temple committed service. In addition, the right of the gate houses the Church shop, where they sell books and icons.
Go to the temple (without the icons on the wall), buy the candles. If you want, give the note for the health and for the peace. Queue the reliquary with the relics of Matrona.
To bow to the matron, is not always necessary to go to Moscow. Holy relics can be brought to other Russian cities.
Useful advice
Staritsa Matrona was very fond of flowers. Buy them before coming to the temple.

Advice 2 : Where is the icon of St. Matrona

About the icon of the blessed Staritsa Matrona of Moscow is legendary. Its miracles has been repeatedly confirmed by a large number of people who received assistance Matrons in many difficult situations. To worship this Russian a Saint in many churches of Moscow, where its particles and icons depicting her.
Where is the icon of St. Matrona

Relics of St. Matrona

Mother Matrona in life was a simple uneducated peasant woman Matryona Nikonova, suffering from blindness and immobility. She had to wander for nearly a quarter century, but around it at all times – after all, the girl could predict the future and heal. And the woman had a great faith in God. Today the Holy relics are located in the Pokrovsky monastery, who because of this has become the most popular Moscow abode.

Human turn to the relics of the mother Matron in any time of the year places a few hours to pray to the miracle-working remains.

The old women usually ask a good marriage, healing of serious diseases, the help in work, deal with family problems and much more. Also the icon of St. Matrona with a particle of her relics can be found on semyonovskoye cemetery at the Church of the Resurrection of Christ and the temple of the Holy Princess Eudoxia of Moscow, located on Nakhimovsky Prospekt. These places are the most visited after the Pokrovsky monastery.

Relics of St. Matrona

Icon depicting the oxbow is also in the temple of the unmercenaries Cosmas and Damian, which is located on the territory of Shubino. Also Matrona to pray before the icons that are owned by the Church of the Resurrection (Filippovskiy lane) and the temple of great Martyr George Pobedonostsa (Solovetsky monastery).

In churches where there are icons of St. Matrona, also you can pray to the relics of other saints, who are also regarded as miracle workers.

In addition to the remains of oxbow lakes you can drop in the temple of St. Gregory of Neocaesarea (Darbazi), where also the relics of Gregory the theologian and Gregory of Neocaesarea. The Church of St. Martin the Confessor, who is Alexis the New settlement, is the proud owner of a unique relic – the burial of the shirt of St. Matrona. She comes to pray a huge number of people wanting to be healed from incurable illnesses, to find happiness and to avoid various troubles.

On the territory of the Pokrovsky monastery, besides the relics of Saint Matrona, is also another Shrine of relevance to the blessed Staritsa – the icon of the mother of God "perishing". She is not very well known in the secular environment, so it is not worth the long queue of pilgrims, however, this icon was painted by the icon painter with the blessing of St. Matrona of Moscow.

Advice 3 : Where in Moscow are the relics of Matrona of Moscow

Supporters of religion, honor the customs and traditions, as a rule, know by heart the names of Holy people. It's therefore not surprising that the phrase Matrona of Moscow is clear and familiar to most Orthodox Christians, moreover, the Orthodox consider it a great fortune to worship her relics.
Where in Moscow are the relics of Matrona of Moscow
In ordinary life this Holy woman Matrona of Moscow - was the name of Matrona Dmitrievna Nikonova by name. The life of the ordinary peasant was not easy, she was blind from birth and did not have their own home, so she often had to wander among the houses in Moscow in search of the next overnight. However, since childhood she attracted other people for their gift of healing from all kinds of diseases and ailments. Although blind, her heart has always been open, because she did absolutely everything to those in need.

The all-seeing blind

The matron also possessed a strange gift of foresight and could even see his own death. She knew that she has only three days, but did not stop to take people, but rather was in a hurry and was afraid not to have time to help all those who suffer.

Matrona died on 2 may 1952. He was buried on the famous Danilovsky cemetery in Moscow, which became her final resting place. This became a Holy place for many pilgrims who believe in the miraculous power of a woman. Over the years people came to her grave and asked for help and cure deadly diseases. But in the spring of 1998, a decision was made to exhume the body of a Saint.
The mortal remains of Matrona of Moscow, or as they say in religious circles, is the power, it was decided to place in the temples.

Power parts

Now you can see the relics and intercession, and in the Danilov monastery, but it is only two main temple that holds Matrenina particles. In Pokrovsky monastery the relics placed in the tomb called cancer. The Shrine is considered to be the ark with the Holy remains, which looks like a normal coffin. It intercession is today considered the most popular and most visited.
Every day at Holy protection monastery is a queue of people who want to pray and ask for some help.

It is worth noting that the relics of St. Matrona of Moscow is in many churches, e.g., Church of the Resurrection. This temple is famous not only for the relics of Matrona, but also the particles of the spouses of Peter and Fevronia.

Matron today you can visit the temple of St. Euphrosyne of Moscow, the Church of Cosmas and Damian, the Church of Resurrection and Church of St. George. So many shrines with the relics of St. Matrona of Moscow due to its vast popularity among the faithful, every day of her worship and praise thousands of people.

Advice 4 : Where is the icon of St. Matrona

As one of the most revered Moscow saints, Matrona attracted the attention of the afflicted in times when you just need to regain faith and regain strength. People are drawn to this icon, lining up in queue in front of temples. But not everyone know exactly where to come to light a candle Martyr.
St. Matrona Of Moscow

The Way Matron

Born in 1881, the Matron lived 71 years, who dedicated to the kindness and service of the people. This desire was underpinned by a deep faith in God. From birth deprived of sight, she saw more than I could see other people. It helped the matron to better understand who turned to her, to send in their struggle with their own anxieties and temptations sent by fate.

The name of Martyr was given to her at baptism in honor of the venerable Matrona of Constantinople. In the day it was sent the first sign that a girl becomes a servant of the Lord – after the rapture on the font over her naked had the bright steam post.

Despite such a great destiny, life Matron was quite complex – poverty, mistrust on the part of large numbers of people, lack of understanding from peers in childhood. The mother pitied her daughter what enlightened said that she's not unhappy – she was given from the Lord much more than others, even healthy people.

In Moscow Matrona moved in 1925, where he remained until the end of his days, helping ordinary people in churches and temples. Here she was buried, and then removed from the ground and the relics of the canonized, making a Holy Matron. And in Moscow, you can visit the places where the relics of Matrona will help you to cope with life difficulties and self-doubt.

The place where you can pray over the icon of the Holy Matrona of Moscow

The main procession of pilgrims is located in the Pokrovsky monastery. Here are three main shrines, reminiscent of the miracles that made St. Matrona. This is the Saint's relics, the icon of the Mother of God for the cells, the writing of which was blessed Matrona of Moscow, and the icon of the latter directly.

To touch the Holy relics of Saint Matrona of Moscow and to pray over her with the icon you can also:
- in the temple Martyr St. George in the Valley;
- in the Church of St. Gregory neokesariysky in Darvizeh;
in the Church of the resurrection of Christ in the former semyonovskoye cemetery;
- in the temple of the Unmercenaries Cosmas and Damian in Shubin;
in the Church of the Tikhvin icon of the Mother of God, in the village of baranovo in Kursk region;
- in the temple of Kazan mother of God in Balezino in Udmurtia.

Remember when Holy

To ask for help from the Holy Matrons, do not have to wait for some special day, however, the relationship with her will be better if you pray in the days of her memory. Orthodox Church set several specific dates in memory of the great Martyr:
- May 2 – the day of the death of Matron;
- 22 Nov – day Saint;
March 8 - the day when the Church of the relics of Matrona of Moscow;
- September 2 – the day of the Moscow Cathedral of Saints;
- October 5 – day of the Cathedral of the Saints of Tula.

Advice 5 : How to get to Saint Matrona

Pilgrims from all over the country come to visit the relics of Saint Matrona in Pokrovsky monastery, which is located on the street Tagansky, and the tomb on the Danilovsky cemetery. Drive to Mother Matron, with metro, tram and car.
How to get to Saint Matrona
You will need
  • - map or Navigator
  • - a car or money for the metro (tram, trolleybus, minibus)
  • flowers to Saint Matrona
Daily Holy Matron asking for thousands of people. Many not only pray in front of icons, but also come to the relics and the tomb of the Saint. Believers say that the Matron Mother herself will show the way to those who need it. The relics of Matrona of Moscow is located in the Pokrovsky monastery, in the left chapel of the intercession Church. For pilgrims a visit: from 7 to 20 hours, Sunday 6 o'clock in the morning. At Easter and 2 may (memorial day Matron) pilgrims are allowed round the clock access. The monastery is located at the address: Moscow, Taganskaya str., D. 58, at the intersection of three major streets of Moscow: Nizhny Novgorod, Taganka Rogozhskaya and shaft.
The monastery can be reached by public transport and car. You can take the subway and get off at the station Marxist, Taganskaya walk the streets and go to Abelmanovskaya gate by bus No. 51 or trolleybus № 16, 26, 63. Also the metro station Ryazan prospectus and on the street Papernika catch a minibus or 63 463, trolley bus 63, or bus 51. If you go to the station Lenin Square, the further you can get to the bus stop Abelmanovskaya Outpost. Coming to a stop Abelmanovskaya Outpost, you need to pay attention to the people that go with flowers. They can not be overlooked, they are all from different metro stations sent for help to the Holy matron.
Matrona of Moscow was buried on the Danilovsky cemetery, which can be reached in three ways: by car, metro station Tulskaya and the tram number 26 from metro Shabolovskaya. Those traveling by car need to get to the Small Tula street, turn on the duhovsky lane and, without turning anywhere, drive to the yellow gate of the cemetery.
Find a grave Matron is simple: immediately after the entrance to the cemetery stands a small building, for him to turn right after 10 metres you will see the pointer "to the matron," to follow him (walk about 5-6 m). The tomb resembles a small crypt, it is protected, and near it always there is a woman that this place cares and gives to everyone who came to the Holy matron, sand. It helps to find happiness and harmony, relieves pain and strengthens faith in God.
To visit the relics of Saint Matrona better on weekdays, weekends turn over several times, can stand up to 6 hours. If you are bringing a child, you can pass the queue to the big icon and the relics.
Useful advice
Going to the grave to the Holy matron, not necessarily in advance to buy flowers. In front of the entrance to the cemetery is a large flower shop.

Advice 6 : How to get to Matrona of Moscow

Holy blessed Matrona of Moscow widely known to believers as a speedy helper and intercessor in sorrows and everyday problems. Thousands of people daily visit the Pokrovsky monastery in Moscow, where the relics and the miraculous icon of the blessed Staritsa.
Holy Blessed Eldress Matrona Of Moscow
Pokrovsky Stavropigialny women's monastery is situated in Moscow, on Taganskaya street, house 58, close to several metro stations - Marxist, Taganskaya, Proletarskaya, Krestyanskaya Zastava, Ploshchad Ilyicha and Rimskaya. The monastery takes visitors on a daily basis, Friday to Saturday from 7.00 to 20.00, Sunday from 6.00 to 20.00. Please note that after 20.00 the monastery operates only on output, and to enter the territory anymore, but you can be on-site to wait for their turn to the icon or the relics of Saint Matrona.
Pokrovsky Stavropigialny women's monastery
If you are coming from out of town, after arrival to Moscow you need to take any metro and reach the station of the Marxist Kalininskaya (yellow) line. You can also drive to the Taganskaya metro station and take the train station Marxist. At the station the Marxist one exit to the city. Go up the escalator and after exiting the door turn left, then turn right and climb the stairs on Taganskaya street. Next, you can reach the monastery on foot or by public transport.
To get to the Pokrovsky monastery on foot from the metro station Marxist, Taganskaya go along the street to the house 58. On the right side you will see a large red brick wall, this is the Pokrovsky monastery. The walk will take 10-15 minutes. To get on the transport, sit at the bus stop at the underground Marxist on a trolley bus No. 16, 26, 63, 63к bus number 316м or bus No. 51, 74, 106. Get off at the stop "Bolshaya andronevskaya street - Pokrovskiy nunnery", is the second stop from the metro Marxist.
Shrine with relics of St. Matrona
Another option is to drive to the Pokrovsky monastery from the metro station Proletarskaya. From the subway exit on the 3rd Krutitsky lane. You need to cross the area of Peasant Outposts and to go on Abelmanovskaya the street. On the left you will see the red brick wall of Pokrovsky monastery. Also the monastery can be reached by public transport. Near the metro station take tram No. 12, 20, 43 and go to stop "Abelmanovskaya Zastava". Then go back about a minute along the road to the intersection with ulitsa Taganskaya. There you will see the Pokrovsky monastery.
From the metro station Ploshchad Ilyicha get to the monastery by tram No. 46 or 38, the drive to the bus stop "Abelmanovskaya Zastava", the second stop from the metro Area Ilyich. Also from the monastery you can walk parallel to the tram tracks, it will take you 10-15 minutes.
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