You will need
  • - a sheet of paper;
  • - handle;
  • - money.
Prayer, at its essence, an abbreviated Matins. It consists of the following main parts: Canon, hymn, litany, reading Evangilie and prayers. In "the Book of prayer songs" and "Missal" contains the orders. Thanksgiving is very different in the fact that his book in gratitude for the God in your prayer: the cure of the disease, aid etc.
To order a prayer service in any Church need to go to a candle box and submit a note with the names of those people from whom (or for whom) it will be your name if you thank has for you, too, need to specify. To turn in Prayer to Jesus Christ, the virgin Mary and the saints. Prayers of thanksgiving serve only the Lord.
Making Thanksgiving, the priest after the Liturgy proclaims before the Throne the beginning, followed by the litany of peace with reference to thanking and adding a special blessing, followed by the reading of the gospel, the Apostle and augmented litany, in which are mentioned the names of thanking, then - a prayer of thanksgiving to God and singing the Doxology or "praise God...". Ends with a prayer thanking the blessing, anointing, consecrated oil, and a sprinkling of Holy water.
In various everyday circumstances in the Orthodox tradition it is customary to refer to certain icons of the Mother of God or saints of God. So prayers for the health of order before the icon healer Panteleimon, and to get rid of alcohol addiction, turn to the mother of God "inexhaustible Chalice" and the Martyr Boniface.
Be performed the prayers not only in Church but also in homes, in fields etc., sometimes connected with the blessing of water. Some prayers are in a disastrous event or at the request of individuals, while others related to public service, committed in a particularly specified time or during religious holidays.
To order prayers need to Liturgy, other says about the misunderstanding of the nature of the Eucharist.