Advice 1: How to order thanksgiving

A special type of Church service, a prayer called prayer. They come in several forms: water, akathist, that is, with the reading of a special successor in worship, glorifying the Holy Saint of God, a holiday or the icon of the Mother of God, thanksgiving, and supplication. Read the thanksgiving of the priest after the Liturgy.
How to order thanksgiving
You will need
  • - a sheet of paper;
  • - handle;
  • - money.
Prayer, at its essence, an abbreviated Matins. It consists of the following main parts: Canon, hymn, litany, reading Evangilie and prayers. In "the Book of prayer songs" and "Missal" contains the orders. Thanksgiving is very different in the fact that his book in gratitude for the God in your prayer: the cure of the disease, aid etc.
To order a prayer service in any Church need to go to a candle box and submit a note with the names of those people from whom (or for whom) it will be your name if you thank has for you, too, need to specify. To turn in Prayer to Jesus Christ, the virgin Mary and the saints. Prayers of thanksgiving serve only the Lord.
Making Thanksgiving, the priest after the Liturgy proclaims before the Throne the beginning, followed by the litany of peace with reference to thanking and adding a special blessing, followed by the reading of the gospel, the Apostle and augmented litany, in which are mentioned the names of thanking, then - a prayer of thanksgiving to God and singing the Doxology or "praise God...". Ends with a prayer thanking the blessing, anointing, consecrated oil, and a sprinkling of Holy water.
In various everyday circumstances in the Orthodox tradition it is customary to refer to certain icons of the Mother of God or saints of God. So prayers for the health of order before the icon healer Panteleimon, and to get rid of alcohol addiction, turn to the mother of God "inexhaustible Chalice" and the Martyr Boniface.
Be performed the prayers not only in Church but also in homes, in fields etc., sometimes connected with the blessing of water. Some prayers are in a disastrous event or at the request of individuals, while others related to public service, committed in a particularly specified time or during religious holidays.
To order prayers need to Liturgy, other says about the misunderstanding of the nature of the Eucharist.

Advice 2: How to write a prayer

In the Orthodox Church the believer has a chance not only to pray for someone on your own, but to make the name close were mentioned during the prayer service. You need to write a special note, which must be properly designed.
How to write a prayer
Go to Church and find a Minister who is engaged in receiving notes asking about the mention of prayer. Usually he can also buy candles. In some cases the Church may be a box where you should insert a note yourself. It will be an explanatory inscription. If you can't figure out where you need to submit notes, please contact one of the parishioners, which is currently not praying, or to the free priest.
Take this form, designed to write text. The top will be written the word "Prayer", and below you will need to write your prayer requests.
Specify, for what reason need to mention your loved one in prayer. Most often pray "for the health" for living and "for the repose" of the dead. However, the wording could be more specific, for example "successful birth" for pregnant woman or "On keeping faith" for those who are obsessed with religious doubts.
If you want to prayer ascended to the Theotokos or a particular Saint, you should write his name. Such a possibility during the ascension of prayer exists.
Below, record the names of those you want to mention in this prayer. Names can be multiple, for example, in the card "On health" you can specify all your living family members and friends. For a more personal themes of the prayer service name can be one. This requires to specify only the names taken in baptism. The names and patronymics of people do not need.
Pass the form to the Minister of the Church involved in their collection. Pay the required donation amount. It may depend on the quantity of notes or the number of mentioned names. If you wish, you can specify the time of reading the prayer in order to attend.

Advice 3: How to order the prayer in the Cathedral

Orthodox worship is very diverse. In addition to the main Church service of the Liturgy in the temples of worship are sent to the different require of believers. Such services include prayers.
How to order the prayer in the Cathedral

Prayer is a worship which is sought from God, the virgin, saints or angels in various worldly needs. In fact, the service of prayer is a special prayer the believer with a specific request. So, prayers can be ordered on the sick, before leaving for the journey. There are special prayers of thanksgiving, prayers for help in their studies, family matters, help in trade. The list is not exhaustive.

Praying at the moleben can be both the Lord and the saints or the virgin Mary. It is necessary to specify who exactly ordered prayer to the choir sing certain hymns, and the priest said a prayer solos.

Before ordering the service, it is useful to know at what time divine service is performed. In small parishes where divine service is sent on Saturday, Sundays and great feasts) the prayers often passed in the morning, after the Liturgy. In large cathedrals the prayer following may be performed every day, in addition to several of the statutory days (such as Holy week or mortuary Saturday).

In order to enjoy prayer, you must contact a member of the Church, the host Church note. Just as people are ordering commemoration at the divine Liturgy or memorial service is performed and the entry of names on the prayer service. It is worth remembering that prayers can be enjoyed about living baptized people. Prayers for the repose of the Orthodox Church does not exist (for this Statute involves a service).

If a person orders a prayer to any Saint, it is worth member of the Church taking notes to say precisely what the ascetic. The same applies to the practice of prayer appeals to the Lord or the Theotokos. The names of the prayers are written in the genitive case.

You can order the prayer in the Cathedral at any time when the House of God is opened to believers. In this case, the names will be commemorated at the upcoming prayer and singing. In addition, a prayer service is ordered and on the day of its Commission, for example, before the divine Liturgy.

Orthodox people should understand that in itself the entry of names on prayer is not some mystical event akin to the plot. Prayers for and are performed in temples, to religious people praying for their relatives and loved ones during this Church service. Therefore, when ordering the prayer well and to be at the service. However, there is a tradition to order with prayers and pilgrimages: in the monasteries or Holy places. In this case, the man himself is unable to attend Church services performed in a particular place. However, this should not justify the lack kleinau prayers or prayers in the temple for people in another time and in another place.

Sometimes it is necessary to order a prayer service in advance. For example, in cases where it is known that the parish is the Shrine (the miraculous icon or power). Usually these prayers drained a lot of people, so directly before the service, can not manage to write down the names and stand in line the whole service. Therefore it is necessary beforehand to order a prayer before the event or come to the temple before the beginning of worship in order that during the prayer not to be distracted from the Church service.

Advice 4: What are the prayers

In the Christian liturgical practice of the prayer is called service, which appeal to the Holy person for the purpose of receiving a specific request. There are several types of prayers, in them the believer can apply to the Lord, the virgin, or Holy angels.
What are the prayers

First of all, prayers are addressed to God, the virgin, angels or saints. There is also a certain kind of prayer, during which the consecrated water. Such service is called vodosvyatiem.

Prayers to God are of various kinds. The most common are the prayers for the sick (they claimed the healing of the sick), travelling (prayer in journey) and thank you (believers thank God for His blessings). Also widely used in Church practice have prayers at every petition, in which believers treat any request to God. Sometimes, before any important things a Christian orders a prayer, called "prayer before starting every good work". There are some other prayers. For example, before surgery, assistance in childbirth, deliverance from alcoholism or drug addiction, a blessing in air or sea travel. Entrepreneurs can also serve as a prayer for aid for trade. A special place is occupied by the prayers about the multiplication of love and eradication of hatred and malice. It happens that believers bought a memorial petition to the world between the spouses.

In the tradition of the Church has many prayers in front of icons of the virgin. For example, before Kazan or Vladimir icon of the Mother of God. About study help asking the virgin Mary on prayer to the icon "Addition of mind", and for those who suffer from the disease of alcoholism, seek help before the icon "the inexhaustible chalice". There are many other icons of the virgin Mary, which can serve certain prayers.

Often in the Christian practice of turning to prayer and the singing of the Holy men. The sick pray to the healer Saint Panteleimon, Saint Nicholas is the helper in all needs and sorrows, prayer to Saint Moses Murin helps to get rid of alcoholism.

In addition to the saints, prayers can be addressed to the angelic forces. There are prayers to the higher angels and guardian angels.

With all the variety of molebny singing you must realize that assistance is supplied by a particular individual, to which you can apply in any good needs. And practices with a particular request to a particular Saint is only a pious tradition.

Advice 5: How to order prayers for the health

Prayers "for health" is a prayer that makes the Church daily for forty days. Prayers "for health" can be ordered for the health of your family. Prayers can be ordered with the idea of progress, material well-being, peace of mind.
Prayers "for health" is available for health and their loved ones
You will need
  • You need to go to Church.
Go to Church.
Go to the Desk where they sell candles, icons and other Church supplies.
Order your prayers for the health. To do this on a piece of paper, write the name of the person (or the person for whom you should pray) and pay for the service.
Within forty days of the specified person in the Church will be a prayer to remember the name.
Prayers, like other the remembrance of the Church is only for baptized people.
Useful advice
Book prayers for the dead at any time.
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