Advice 1: How to write notes of Xenia the Blessed

Among the Orthodox Holy Blessed Xenia of St. Petersburg occupies a special place. It is believed that it not only protects his native Saint Petersburg, but also helps to heal from serious illness and drunkenness. Women ask Xenia about a happy pregnancy and a safe childbirth, the students on the successful completion of examinations. Your request was heard Blessed, you need to write a special note and send it by observing certain rules.
How to write notes of Xenia the Blessed
Write your request on a sheet of plain paper. It must be done personally, because you are applying to Xenia the Blessed, even if you ask about the welfare of another person. Write as you feel.
Start the note with a case that is in prayer, like "blessed wanderer Ksenia or Xenia Sellaronda". Then write about what you ask: for healing from illness, the resolution of major life problems, children's health, conception, etc. don't forget to include your name and the names of relatives referred to.
Get ready for a trip to the chapel of Xenia the Blessed St. Petersburg. A few days before a visit to the chapel try to lead a good lifestyle: don't drink alcohol, don't smoke, say your prayers, visit the Church, talk to the priest. Be sure to bring bread and cookies, candy or another treat.
In St. Petersburg go to the Smolensk cemetery on ul. Kamskaya, 24. Exit the metro station "Vasileostrovskaya". Then you can walk or take taxi. Feel free to ask for directions from local residents of St. Petersburg are willing to help you. Near the Central entrance to the cemetery is a temple of the Smolensk icon of the Mother of God. From him to the chapel of Xenia the Blessed has a private footpath.
Go around the building clockwise three times. Your note roll and dip in a special box. It can also be put under a box with candles or at the outside wall of the building. Then attach the front to the wall of the chapel, mentally or aloud whispers, please refer to the Blessed Xenia asking for help. Light and leave it on the street the candle.
Go inside the chapel. Here you can re-contact Xenia prayers or expressing the request of his sincere words. Order a prayer and put candles to the icons.
Don't leave the chapel immediately. This place is special. To leave it you should get any sign. Wait until someone calls you, for example, call relatives on the phone, or while the priest asks those present to go to could go to others who wish to pray. If nothing happens, wait for the end of the chapel.
After leaving the chapel, crumble the birds brought bread and distribute sweets to the poor or leave them at the wall.
When your desire materializes, order in any Church thanksgiving service of the Blessed Xenia.
Useful advice
If you take a note alone will not work, give it with someone you trust.

Advice 2 : How to behave on a cemetery Orthodox man

The religious duty of every Orthodox person is the memory of deceased relatives and friends. In a special memorial days, people tend to visit graves of those who have departed into eternity. An Orthodox person must know few rules of behavior at the cemetery.
How to behave on a cemetery Orthodox man

Orthodox people should realise that the main purpose of visiting the cemetery is a remembrance of the deceased person. The commemoration of the deceased to the cemetery should not be done through eating any food. Remember the food at the burial site does not recommend the Orthodox Church. Most importantly, what should a Christian pray for the dead. Those who do not know certain prayers for the dead are allowed to simply impose the sign of the cross and his words to ask God's forgiveness for the sins of the deceased.

You need to understand also that at the cemetery, a Christian should behave reverently. We cannot allow foul language, the chant of spirits. All of this is a desecration of the memory of the deceased.

Every Christian needs to monitor the cleanliness of the graves of deceased relatives and friends. So, the cemetery can be clean, to restore order at the grave. This is one of the duties of a Christian towards the deceased. Thus, it is impossible to litter on the graves. It is not recommended to leave any food on the graves, because the dead do not need material food. Sometimes it happens that the abandoned food eat up dogs.

An Orthodox Christian can lay fresh flowers on the grave of the deceased, and also put a burning candle in memory of the deceased. Candle can be left at the cemetery.

Leaving the place of burial, it is necessary to re-impose the sign of the cross with a prayer for the forgiveness of sins of the deceased. Worth a look, all the debris removed, if anything needed improvement, it should be done, but nothing more to leave the graveyard.

Thus, it appears that the main goal of a Christian parish to the place of burial is remembrance in prayer the deceased and cleaning the grave for podderjaniya purity.

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