You will need
  • -The address where to send the letter;
  • envelope;
  • - Internet;
  • -Clear request;
Send a letter to the Holy matron, choosing one most suitable option for you. There are two different ways of sending: via the email address established by the Ministers of the Church, or by postal mail.
The address to which you send a letter to: 109147, Moscow, Taganskaya street, house 58. On the envelope be sure to write the Holy mother matron. As soon as the letter comes in the Church, the clergy will put it to the relics of Matrona. The email address where you can write a letter to the matron:
Compose your letter from the heart. Think carefully about what you want to ask. Try not to disturb the Holy nothing. Don't be afraid to write about their fears, experiences and problems in which you "re asking for help. Be sure everything else ask them to pray for the health of your friends and relatives. Ask for help in making any decisions.
Don't forget about the prayers after you send the letter. In the morning, waking up and having washed crosshairs and say, "Mother Matron, help me." Exactly do the same before bedtime. If you have the icons, light a candle in front of them. Do not swear and do not insult others with bad words, don't panstwowe – mother that hates it. Best to visit the local Church, stay there for the entire service until the end, pray and put candles to the saints.
When what you asked mother, what happened – don't forget to thank sincerely the Matrona. Words of gratitude it is possible to just send in a letter or donate money for the monastery. In that case, if you ever come to Moscow, let us remember that St. Matrona you once helped, and not too lazy to buy her flowers and visit the Church.