Before you ask the blessing from the priest, decide whether it is important thing that you want to take. It is hardly appropriate to ask the priest to bless you for the purchase of apartments or cars, but on family creation, and construction of an orphanage completely. Because religion directs man in his spiritual development, and material problems people can solve on their own.
Remember that asking for blessings, you are first and foremost themselves, bless the Lord, and the priest nothing more than appeals to God to grant you grace. And decide you deserve it or not, he can't. Try to come to Church with a pure heart freed from selfish thoughts and motives: do not seek rewards, but pray for the revelation of light, the direction of your actions.
If it is not possible to visit the temple, turn to the Lord alone, bless him. Believe in the power of God and do not doubt the justice of fate. Don't be afraid to be rejected by God: he does not forget the righteous, even if it sends them tests.
There are times when you need to ask the parental blessing. For example, that faced by people who want to marry. If you want to create a new family, leaving his father's house, ask for guidance from father and mother, sincerely and simply contact them with your request, not coming up with much.
When the parents will perform the rite of blessing, try to listen to their words, where each not only remembering, but "flowing" through you. It is very important that from generation to generation passed traditions in the family remained the understanding of the importance of marriage. Do not rush to usher in a new life, don't think only their own valuable experience and you may be able to avoid many mistakes.
Whatever blessing you ask, remember that this should be done with a pure heart, sincerely believing in the power of the Lord and seek to be cleansed from sin, to walk the righteous path. Otherwise you better ask for a blessing, because you yourself have not yet managed to accept the Lord in his heart. Don't be afraid to make mistakes in rituals: they are not important, the main thing – faith.