Miracles of St. Matrona

Hundreds of pilgrims flock daily to the Pokrovsky monastery, where the relics of St. Matrona of Moscow. She was born in 1881 in a family of poor peasants of Tula and was completely blind. Reaching seventeenth birthday, the girl became ill and ceased to move independently – but in the meantime his spiritual vision and divine power to help the sick and needy. News of the Matrona spread throughout the country and soon it started to go a constant flow of people to whom she provided spiritual and physical help.

Some women that are very long could not get pregnant, got the long-awaited child after praying at the relics of Saint Matrona.

Usually a pilgrimage to the miraculous virgin make female Pokrovsky monastery, but the priests claim that prayer any icon Matrona of Moscow can give the same effect – provided that it is offered with faith and love. If the desire to have a child be strong and sincere, Matronushka will fulfill it. To do this, you should visit her relics at least three times or the Holy shroud monastery, or at the Danilovsky cemetery where her grave.

How to pray about the pregnancy

To the Matron heard the request, you need to write a note with the text "Matrona, Matrona, forgive our sins and have mercy on me", ask it on the personal, as well as purchase in the monastery pectoral icon with a face of Matron. There should take Holy water and oil. A note should be left in a designated area in the Pokrovsky monastery and pray at the relics of the Saint, after ordering the service.

Prayer for conceiving a child can read in your own words, but you need to talk to Matrona as if it were alive.

However, for the expression of requests it is not necessary to go to Moscow – you can write a note and to give parishioners of the Church who gather all the requests and independently transported them to the Pokrovsky monastery every week. You can also take a note on Danilovskoe cemetery and sit on a bench near the grave where was buried Matron. Today, her relics are in the monastery, but to the grave never cease to flock to people who ask for a miracle and often get it even here.

Prayer Matrona of Moscow helps infertile women, cleansing the souls of future mothers and giving them faith that soothes and inspires. Through prayer, the body is configured to conception and gain strength for carrying a child, and a sincere desire to make this conception possible.