Matrona was born blind. From early childhood she was helping people in sickness and sorrow, good advice and tireless prayers. 17 years old girl lost the ability to move on their own, her legs were paralyzed. But then she lost faith in God and the goodness of people, and a stream of people asking for increased with each passing day. For everyone who came from the Matron was a kind word, advice and parting words: "Come unto me, and after my death, all will hear, all will help, each will tell the Lord our God". Older Matron lived in Moscow, was not always fed, of prosperity never thought, but help any who refused. After her death, she was canonized and became Saint Matrona of Moscow. Many years have passed, but now there is much evidence that the request it does not remain without attention and after visiting the Holy places associated with her name, people's lives changing dramatically, back down the disease and the difficulties, to establish family relationships.

How to ask for help from Matrona of Moscow

It is believed that to seek help from old women should be where her foot had stepped, her relics are kept, that is, to make a pilgrimage, speaking the language of the Church, to the Holy places. But the word asking to be heard, no matter where he was. You can visit the nearest temple, you can pray at home, or send a note to the matron with those who are going to go to her relics or the grave, if it is not possible to do it yourself or even write it on one of the Christian sites. Strict rules about how to write a note Matrona of Moscow, no. You can Express your desires in a simple syllable, you can seek the assistance of priests from the nearest to your home Church and they will give the text of the prayer to Matrona of Moscow. It is advisable to call the name of him who asks and who pray that the Holy crone knew, on whom to talk to God in your prayers. The most important thing is that your request must be sincere, and you really want good guy who you ask. It is impossible to write notes with the wishes of the evil diseases, with the content of the accusations and a description of your offense. In childhood the Matron said that God tests only those who are able to deal with them.

Where are places of pilgrimage to the Holy Matrona of Moscow

Notes for matrony Moskovskoy leave at the Pokrovsky monastery in Moscow, where her relics are kept. Visit the monastery to worship the relics of permitted early in the morning and stop only after 10 PM. Many pilgrims visit the tomb of St. oxbow, which is located on the Danilovsky cemetery, and leave your notes there. Will be heard and the requests of those who send the notes by mail to the address of the monastery (109147, Moscow, Taganskaya str., D. 58) - servants of the temple lay a message to the relics, or to the email address of the Pokrovsky temple